Sexual Disorder frequently found in the females. sexual feelings generally absence in the woman. The woman has not in the race of fulfilling sexual desires and even intimate conditions.  These symptoms found in those woman’s who has low sexual desire or interest, or low libido etc. people who are suffering from this problem, neither masturbate or nor they thought about sexual things. This is commonly diagnosed in women age of 18 to 59. In that time women lost interest in sex. HSDD are basically divided into types and categories

  • Lifelong: – woman has always had low desire in sex
  • Global: – lack of interest in sex
  • Situational: – lack of sexual desires towards partner

Different bad things in our life we are used too but, we cannot bear regarding health. In the health perspective, we should consider one thing that future cannot make in a single day or can’t fabricate. if you are sexually active then  diseases and even health issues always keep away to your health. sexual treatments and problems tackle with different ways 

Sexology is the defined as a scientific study, easily applicable in humans. this includes sexual interests and behaviors. This is not a deal or any social connected or political raise. All we know it deals with sex and only sex. these sexologists are very good in professional and well trained.  This sexologist in Ahmedabad has knowledge of different academic books like ayurvedic herbs, neems,  epidemiology, and sociology. In these books including all topics sexual development and normal sex.

A lot of sexuality issues in our life knocking but sexologist are very much interested in the diversity of humans sex. they can give the valuable time to develop sexual development. Sex and sexuality cases depend on different regions and cultures because of us open in medical term and some are not.