Ashav Power


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Product Description

Ashav power combination of Ayurvedic medicines
It contain capsules, powder(churan), and oil for all kinds of sexual problems

ASHAVPOWER:- Blessing of Ayurveda
A Complete package of all sexual problems
ASHAVPOWER Contain three medicine:Capsules, Powder(Churan), or Oil.It is an ancient proven ayurvedic remedy which was made by our team of ayurvedic expert according to the different sexual problems.Because only one medicine cannot cure every sexual problem so we have a big challenge to cure all sexual problems with one medicine.After so many research and observation we finally make a combo of ASHAVPOWER. That is an answer to all the sexual problems which was generated due to our modern lifestyle, stress, and Childhood mistakes.
ASHAVPOWER should be taken for at least three months or more. Ayurvedic medicine not only treat your problems

Ingredients : 

Swaran Bhasam, Shilajit, Kaser, Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Launch, Talmakhana, Musli, Satawar, Salampanja, Dalchini, Javatri, Jaifal, Choti Elaichi, Shakarkara etc.

The Payment has to be made through WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM or EXPRESS MONEY (U.A.E Exchange) on the name of Dr.Pardeep Sharma (S/o Dr.Sanjeev Kumar) and tell the code on following phone numbers:
Mobile : +91 9803750007 or +91 9876048467 or +91 9876702444
(one of the above Mobile No. is switched on for 24 hours)
Landline : +91 01883260571
Fax : +91 1883 260571

After your payment confirmation and receiving your money sending code, we will ask your address and phone no. and your medicines will be dispatched within first 1 working hours .
Delivery time depends on location like in USA 6-7 days, Canada 9 days, UK 6-7 days , Arabian Countries 7-9 days and Europe 7-8 days. Order dispatched can reach before or after the given time.

To order in INDIA please deposit the amount in favour of the following A/c.
A/C NO. 36095620132
IFC Code SBIN0000629
and fax us the copy of receipt, your full address, phone no. and problem on the following number.
FAX NO. 01883 260571
Medicine will be dispatched within next 1 working hours after payment confirmation.


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